Notable Works

"Dare I say, Thomas Amo may just be the next Stephen King." -Renee Masson, Author of Tearing Honor

"Amaretto Flame is WICKED!! “a read-in-one-sitting-I-can’t-look-away-oh-crap-it’s-1am-I-need- to-sleep-but-can’t-yet-it’s-too-good novel."" -Faye Flame Reviews

"A recommended book that really puts you in the shoes, a rare gem indeed." -Haresh Daswani, author of Evolution of Insanity

"To sum it all up: Exiled is a mesmerizing, spine-tingling wonder of a book." -Evie Seo, Bookish

"I was meant to read Meant to Be by Tiffany King." -C.A. Kunz, authors of The Childe

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