Saturday, March 3, 2012

How The Big 6 System Pushes New Recruits to the Indy Revolution

Wake up kid. You gotta stop dreaming. You're on your own. Here, have a fist full of notebook paper and take this pen that doesn't work. Write something, then come back to me when I can sell it and make a profit off ya. Don't bother contacting me though and be so foolish as to expect an answer. I mean I might get back to ya after 6-8 weeks but if I don't, I apologize. Things are busy kid, you know what I mean? It's a tough world out there and I'm just a cog in the machine. But hey if you do get that pen working and you manage to sweat out a few words that I think I can sell, I'll probably be able to do it in a few months or a year or something maybe. I could probably sell it some day, I'm sure of it. Don't worry though kid, I've got your back. We'll fight to put your book on those disappearing bookshelves as brick and mortar goes obsolete. Once you're there, you'll know you made it to the big time. Talk to ya later kid. Hey, sport, where ya going? You forgot your pen and paper. What's that? You'll use a computer and put your book on the internet? (laughs) Ya. Go do that kid. You'll come crawling back once you realize ereaders are a fad. We both know you still need me. What will people do when the power goes out for jebus' sake? You can't develop a readership out there in the real world if you aren't in the book stores kid. Everyone knows that. Go ahead, play your little games and when you do come back, I won't even wait 6-8 weeks to tell ya I told you so.

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