Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How We Build An Indie Revolution

Apparently there are very specific rules to beginning a revolution.  According to a source on Wiki these are the rules which are in turn applied, by me, to the cause of the indie writer.

Know Your Goal

Why are you doing this?  For many of us it is to make a living doing what we love.  For others it is to get laid, become rich, make a difference.  No matter what your reason, we all want the same thing.  We want our voices to be heard. For better or worse, you are devoting your life to this thing called writing.  Sleepless nights, less time spent with loved ones, hours on end at a desk, a coffee shop, drawing up scenes in your head- all of these moments must be singularly driven by your ultimate goal.  The revolutionary's goal is the heart of the entire enterprise.  Strive always to be heard.

Build Support and Consensus

Nothing will happen if the only ones striving for this goal are myself and a handful of buddies.  We must gather all indies to one place where we can create a safe environment for our unique voices.  We need to spread the word and the word can be spread fast and furious thanks to our blog-o-sphere, twitter accounts, Facebook pages, etc.  Grab the button off the side of this blog ---->  and wear it proudly in your Facebook groups, your twitter profile, and on your own blogs.  Unity is how we combat the strong Big Six ad dollars. 

Educate Others and Yourself About EVERY Aspect of the Revolution

Tell them why the fight is important.  Tell them why we must win.  Tell them HOW we can win.  It all starts by talking to your other indie friends.  Explain to them your passion about our fight to be heard.  I don't care how big the Big Six microphone is NOT louder than a million voices yelling for their rights at the same time.

The Most Important Aspect of a Revolution Is People Are Angry

We don't want to be censored.  We are all angry about the concerted effort to silence us.  But we must be angry AND disciplined.  Every day must be about the cause, about our writing, and the need to be heard.

We Must Be of One Collective Purpose

We struggle together, we win together.  We fight for the entire indie cause, not just one genre or one group of writing pals.  It is about all of us, or there will be none of us.

Take Action

I am taking a bold step for the liberation of the indie voice.  More on that later.  But to truly support the revolution it is time for you to wear the badge of the indie revolution, talk to your neighbors, write in your blogs about the indie movement, do an indie author interview, review an indie author book instead of doing the 10,000th Hunger Games review.  In your own small world give a voice to the indie author.  Think of a Venn Diagram.  Each circle is small, but lots of circles over-lapping take up much of the universe.  Allow your small podium to be used by an indie voice.

Enough for now...

Vive La Revolution! 

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  1. Enjoying this blog quite a bit...we all def need to be on the same wave length