Friday, September 20, 2013

Joe Conlan: Review of Nameless

Nameless was brought to my attention by the fine folks over at  Pubshelf is really a place where the indie author gets a fair shake and I am proud to be thought of by their organization. Finding fresh new voices in the world of books can be challenging, especially ones of quality, but pubshelf's recommendations are on the top of my totem pole when it comes to taking a look at a new writer.

Two cups of coffee with author Nicholas Denmon and I was turned on to a book that would literally give me nightmares.  Thanks? I guess? 

It is a tremendous debut novel, the likes of which I haven't read since I read For Nothing, by the aforementioned coffee drinker.   

What can you expect in Joe Conlan's Nameless?  You can expect a serial killer with a depth of depravity that is reminiscent of John Doe in Se7en.  You can expect your skin to crawl.  You can expect to read the book in about two sittings while you miss a meal or two. You can expect twists and turns, in plot as well as your stomach.  In short, be ready for the ride and buckle up.

Nameless by Joe Conlan

"Chilling and taut, NAMELESS, introduces a fresh and exciting twist on the deadly game of cat and mouse. By virtue of one impulsive and deeply human, but all too grave mistake, a good and decent man finds himself pitted against the embodiment of evil and threatened with losing everything and everyone he loves and values; including the pristine reputation he has endeavored all his adult life to establish.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel Falcone unwittingly steps onto course for a head-on collision with a frighteningly brilliant psychotic serial killer, whose harrowing childhood abuse and neglect left him devoid of humanity and salivating for revenge. Framed for a brutal murder on a commercial cruise ship, and fighting for the right to raise his sons and clear his name, Falcone races against the clock and struggles to keep his eyes on the prize, even while his profound guilt and self-loathing threaten to destroy him faster than his maniacal adversary."

If all of that isn't enough...

Amazon has 5 stars as the review average with 68 reviews in the US.

In the UK?

4 stars with 780 reviews.

I think it's worth a shot at $0.99 and I think it's worth a shot as it was recommended by the professionals at pubshelf as well as hundreds of peer reviews.

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